The Final Video
(video 4 of 4)

In the fourth and final video, I review all of the many things we’ve covered together in the first three videos (bad teachers, good technique, shuffles, flaps, paddles, high quality exercises, music theory, musical notes) and, as promised, explain about Tap Academy Online and make an offer that I hope you think will be great!

Thank you so much for watching this series of videos, for communicating on the blog or on Facebook or emailing me. It’s been great to connect with everyone!

The coupon code tappynewyear gets you your one free month so be sure to use it at checkout. The coupon code and this offer expire in 5 days.

See you soon, everyone!


4 thoughts on “The Final Video
(video 4 of 4)

  1. Hi Steve,
    I’m signing up if I can figure how to do so.
    I last saw you in LA about (5) years ago while you did a great show at an intimate club. We spoke at the bar prior to your performance. I live in San Francisco and was a frequent student of Stanley Kahn at Mason Kahn on Market St in early 1980s. Loved his excellent & lively group classes & the old world ambiance of his studio. From there after earthquake condemned that building, I continued to his home studio in West Portal. Not much since.
    I’m terribly rusty, but eager to get started w/your newest online Academy.
    All the best to you and your family. And thank you for these great online lessons. You have a very clear and
    easy to follow teaching style. Thanks in advance. Laurel

    1. Hi, Laurel! I remember everything and recognized your name immediately — I also remember those last days on Market Street and the little room downstairs at West Portal (down that dangerous staircase). There will be a lot of comforting material on the site because Stan’s influence is all over me, both with actual exercises of his that I teach and with other steps and exercises and dances of my own devising where you’ll be able to see his hand print. . . . I will be really interested to hear what you think so let’s stay in touch. Thanks so much for writing and we will speak soon, I hope! Steve

    1. Hi, Barbi! Thanks so much for writing!
      The cost is $14.99/month but your first month will be free if you use the tappynewyear code as the coupon code during checkout.
      So, just like Amazon, we have to get you a product in your cart to purchase. There are three steps:
      1) go to the site:
      2) on almost every page of the site there is a button somewhere that says “Let’s Start” – click on that button
      3) now you’ll see the product — click on “Add to Cart”
      4) now it’s like any other online purchase — you’ll go to the Cart and do the checkout process using your contact info, your credit card number (and don’t forget the code for the month free).
      Just know that you can cancel whenever you want. There’s no contract or long term commitment. You are in charge.

      Ok! Hopefully this answers all of your questions. If you need more help, please write again. And thank you!


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