Learn to dance with a cane!

I am so excited to share this Canes 2 – All of Me Choreography with you! Be sure to check out Canes 1 – Manipulate the Cane before trying the choreography as it will be much easier to dance and use the cane at the same time after you’ve begun to learn the tricks and manipulations.

You’ll see that you’ll be doing a nice, simple dance and really incorporating the cane. It always drives me crazy when people come onstage with a cane and don’t really use it. For us, it will fly in the air, spin around fingers, make rhythms on the floor and add to the overall “dangerousness” of using a prop in a choreography.

If you want to see some great old cane work be sure to check out the Berry Brothers, John Bubbles and Fred Astaire online. They are all quite different from each other and use the prop in different ways but are all very slick with the cane moves!

Now have fun and don’t be afraid to drop the thing or even break a cane or two as you work on the material!

Talk to you again soon,


Learn the cane tricks:

Learn the Choreography:


2 thoughts on “Learn to dance with a cane!

  1. My Mother who is 85, would like to get a cane like Fred Astaires and I have no idea where to buy one. Could you tell me where?

    1. Hi, Christy! The best idea might be to look on-line for a store that sells canes. If you do a Google search you will find several stores and lots and lots and lots of choices, decorative, elegant, whimsical, expensive, inexpensive. If your Mom is really using it for stability then think about getting a little rubber tip (Home Depot) if the cane doesn’t come with one. Ok, let me know if you still have questions! Steve

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