Intros, Endings & Stop-time

I am very fond of this particular course Music Theory 6 – Intros, Endings & Codas because I love talking about music! Understanding music makes me a better musician, of course, and a better tap dancer, too. I clearly remember getting into jazz music during high school and hearing Oscar Peterson. I remember saying to myself, “This guy is tap dancing!” I can tell you that I’ve learned a lot about tapping simply from listening to music and even more from learning how to play music.

In this course we talk about things that you will recognize when you listen to your own music and things you can ask a musician to play for you should you ever work with live music. We talk about the difference between an arrangement and a lead sheet, some ideas for intros, stop-time, some ideas for the end of a song, including codas and a couple of famous endings.

Have fun with this and I hope you find it useful!

Talk to you again soon,


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