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08 – Basic Cramp Rolls

By July 3, 2017

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  • Carmen Ricci Lem says:

    Hi, first of all thank you Steve! Your teaching videos are very well done they are really helping me. I’m still in lockdown, could you recommend me a type of floor to use at home for tap? I would like to know the materials used. Thank you.

    • Steve Zee says:

      Hi, Carmen! Please excuse me for the delay in responding. I’m glad you are enjoying the site! The absolute least expensive thing you could do is go to a store like Home Depot and buy a piece of plywood or masonite. Depending on the size that could cost you between $8 and $20 dollars, more or less. The next level would be a high end piece of wood or piece of wood with a high end veneer like maple, for example. The next level would be purchasing a portable tap floor from someone online and those can get pricey. Whatever you do, raising it off the ground an inch or so will help it feel more like a sprung floor and be more comfortable for you physically. We can swap a few emails and talk more or meet for a videochat, if you like. Talk to you soon – Steve

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