02 – EB Chorus I

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Learn the first 32 bars of the famous EB Chorus choreography just as tap dance legend Eddie Brown taught it to me. These four phrases of 02 – EB Chorus I have lots of thirds and cramp rolls and they really swing. Enjoy Eddie’s beautiful phrasing and laid back rhythms. 

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8 thoughts on “02 – EB Chorus I

  1. Hi! I enjoyed learning this chorus so I thought I could find music to go with this. I made a combination of EB Chorus I and the Secret Chorus repeated twice on Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong duet They can’t take that away from me. What do think? Do they really go together, the music and the steps? I made a demo today with my friends and they say they don’t find the song connected to the steps. Indeed the rythm is not so clear in the song. But it is exactly why I find it good because the feet can be the rythm beat, the percussion. Maybe I am wrong, I cannot tell. Do you have any suggestions/recommandations?

    1. Hi, Corina! If I am not mistaken “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” has a 4 bar coda at the end of the chorus. If that’s the way Ella and Louis do it on their recording then it’s not the ideal song because the bars don’t align. You can use any song at all that is a 32 bar chorus for the Eddie Brown material. There is bound to be something on that album that works. Just try to avoid a song that is not a 32 bar chorus. (there is discussion of choruses in the Music Theory category, too!) I think “Can’t We Be Friends” is on that album and that’s a 32 bar chorus. Give that one a try and let me know how it goes! Steve

  2. Thank you for your answer. It is true the song has a coda, but that is not an issue.
    I made an ABB structure from the dancing point of view where A is EB Chorus I and B is Secret Chorus
    And it goes like this:
    Starting on the 8th count of the second 8 counts bar is the EB Chorus I and in the and I repeat the last two 8 count bars
    Continue with the Secret Chorus which also has a coda and repeats the last two 8 count bars adding a link to the second B using the slow swing step of 8 bars from EB Chorus I
    Continue with the same B formula as above and to end the song I add the cramp roll from EB Chorus I the one before the swing step (cramp roll hill brush toe hill brush hill toe)
    And that’s it and I like it.
    But still my friends say that the choreography is too rythmic whereas the song is too melodic and soft and don’t go together.

    1. Hi, Corina! I’m glad you’ve worked it out. If you’d like fresh eyes on it, I would be happy to watch a video. Maybe your friends are just reacting to the feeling that their ears are overwhelmed – not knowing whether to listen to Ella and Louis sing or the sound of the taps. Steve

  3. Hi Steve,
    Could you please tell me where in the Eddie Brown section I can find the following step: R small leap/ L 3 count Riff. This is done R,L,R,L and was in one of your sample videos. I wrote asking where this was taught and you replied that it is part of the Eddie Brown section, but I can’t easily find it. Thanks. PS I lost you email address and cannot find it on your website. If you are able please reply to my email address that is in my account.

    1. Hi Margaret! I came across this old comment but I believe we solved this via email a long time ago. If not, that step is the break of the first phrase of the “Secret Chorus.”

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