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By April 7, 2016Hello! Bonjour!

Hi, Tappers and Tap Teachers!

I am so excited to introduce you to the all new Tap Academy Online! A brand new look and a new platform, too – it will function smoothly and effectively for you! We launch with 2 Technique courses, a Choreography to Besame Mucho, an Improvisation course and a Music Theory course.

I’ll be making a new course available every month!

Let’s get to work and, please, write to me if you have questions or need help!

See you in the studio!


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  • Dorene Wackerfuss says:

    Hi Steve, I liked your approach to building a tap exercise. Saw your offer, but wasn’t sure how to actually get it using the coupon. I did subscribe to the blog, but didn’t see anything about using the promo or payment, how much , etc. Can you enlighten me?
    Dorene Wackerfuss

    • Steve Zee says:

      Dorene! Hello and thanks so much for writing. Yes, I can help!
      Just like at Amazon, for example, we need to get a product in your cart that you can purchase. Here’s what to do:
      1) go to the site: https://tapacademyonline.com/
      2) on almost every page of the site there is a button somewhere that says “Let’s Start” — click on that button
      3) now you’ll see the product — click on “Add to Cart”
      4) now it’s like any other online purchase — you’ll go to the Cart and do the checkout process using your contact info, your credit card number (and don’t forget the code for the month free – you’ll use that on the page where you are inputting contact and credit card info).
      Also know that you can cancel whenever you want. There’s no contract or long term commitment. You are in charge.

      Hopefully this answers all of your questions. If you need more help, please write again. Thank you!


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