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Time Steps

Experience makes a difference Tap dance with steve zee

Globe-trotting tap dancer & master teacher

Steve Zee is a tap dancer, musician, entertainer and master teacher who has taught and performed all over the world. You can rely on his years of experience and expertise and benefit from his thorough and efficient system for learning to tap dance.

about steve zee

Steve Zee in France

Steve Zee in Brazil

Steve Zee in China

Tap Dance Students & Tap Dance Teachers Love Tap academy online!

Steve Zee is a teacher’s teacher.

Steve Zee is a teacher’s teacher. His delivery of words and insight for tap technique, musicality & history manifest in one’s entire body to create the ultimate tap dancer. I have personally gained much knowledge and understanding of the art of teaching from Steve. I’ve shared many of his ideas as they are timeless and essential. He’s one of the world’s greatest teachers and....who doesn’t love a little comedy in tap class? Anyone who has the privilege to take classes from Steve will benefit tremendously. One stop shop.

Sarah Reich

Tap dance artist, performer, composer, choreographer, Artistic Director, Tap Music Project, Tap star of world famous Postmodern Jukebox.

I am really enjoying Steve’s teaching

I am turning around my own technique using what he’s taught and that has been fantastic. I haven’t been exposed to teaching that focused on proper technique out here in Australia so I’m finding it very helpful. And, it’s definitely stuff I can use now with my own students.


Tap Dance Teacher, Australia

I absolutely love Tap Academy Online!

I recently lost my mentor to the Marines and Steve has been filling that void. There aren’t many teachers around me, so I don’t know what I would do without this. I love the content and feel there’s a lot of variety. The improv lessons have been especially valuable, and I enjoy the Super Extra Fun section. I love that the videos are short and I can sit down and do as much or as little as I want in a day.




This is great! I've never been certain how to explain flapping backwards to my students - thanks!



This Exercise helped me improve

I've just realized that this exercise helped me improve my Paddle technique! I can do it quicker and clearer. Thank you!



Very Interesting!

Fabulous! Love how the different exercises are formed into a full routine, which is rhythmically very interesting!



Superb approach

Superb approach to improvisation! I'll try some of your stuff in my courses. Thanks, Steve!



Your Teaching is superb!

Love the Eddie Brown secret chorus!!!! As always, your teaching is superb!



Absolutely Loving It!

I'm new to this and absolutely loving it so far - thanks for putting together such a great course!



You are amazing!

Oh my god! I love it! You are amazing! I had so much fun learning this choreography!




I love each phrase broken down so I can really get it! Thanks!



It is Beautiful!

Thank you so much for sharing this choreography, Steve. It is beautiful!



Love Tap Academy Online!

I use it for my students and was able to successfully teach them slides earlier this week.



Good stuff!

I use it as a supplement to what I’m doing in my classes.



Tap Academy Online FAQ's

Who should I contact with questions or problems?

You can always leave a comment on the site but it is much faster to send an email to info@tapacademyonline.com. Either Steve or Carol will get back to you with help.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, cancel whenever you want. You are in control. Once you subscribe you get charged $19.99 a month automatically. To cancel, you simply log on to the site, go to My Account and cancel your subscription.

What do I get with my subscription?

Subscribers get access to absolutely everything on the site — all of the courses in all of the categories in both English and French. That is well over 400 videos in each language with enough material to last you for many years of training.

What course should I start with?

For total beginners, it would be best to start in the Technique category with 01 - The Shuffle and then continue on in chronological order. The site is designed for you to progress step by step which is why doing the Technique lessons in order is a good idea. More advanced dancers and tap teachers might want to select specific things to work on (like Ripples or Slides or Music Theory or learning a Choreography, for example) and move around from course to course. For more suggestions on where to begin and how to use the site to your advantage, check out this blog post.

How is the site organized?

All of the videos on the site are organized into categories (Technique, Choreography, Music Theory, Improvisation and a few others). Within each category there are courses that cover a specific topic (like Shuffles or Riff Walks or Slides or counting musical notes, for example). A course is made up of anywhere from 4 to 18 videos, depending on how involved that particular concept is.

Is there a reason the videos are short?

Yes! After decades of teaching in dance studios, universities and dance festivals across the U.S.A. and around the world, Steve’s explanations are succinct, direct and efficient. You will quickly understand what you need to practice and have the tools to practice at your disposal. The rest is up to you! Spend as much time as you’d like on any given concept.

What kind of shoes should I buy?

There are many options for tap shoes. Think about identifying the price point that is right for you and then getting the best shoe in that price point. For more detailed information, check out this blog post that Steve’s students at Cal State University, Long Beach appreciate reading before they set out to buy their shoes.

What do I do for a floor?

If you are going to be dancing in a location other than a dance studio, you’re going to need to have a surface to dance on. You can create one for as little $10-$20 by buying a piece of wood from a store like Home Depot or you can spend $300-$1,000 on a “professional” Tap Floor that you can buy online. For a more in depth look at this floor discussion with links to some options, check out this blog post.

Can I really use Tap Academy Online material to teach my own classes?

Yes! Steve would be thrilled to know that both you and your students are benefiting from his explanations, exercises, techniques, choreographies and everything else that is on the site. So, yes, use it all!

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