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Are you a beginning, intermediate or advanced tap dancer looking for great instruction or a tap teacher who wants great ideas for the classroom? Tap Academy Online, from globe-trotting master tap dancer and teacher Steve Zee, is the site for you!

Tap Academy Online will have you dancing, improving your technique, doing choreography, improvising and understanding music like a pro — Great for students and a fantastic resource for teachers!

Connect to the internet and dance!


Take lessons from someone who danced with Gregory Hines, the Nicholas Brothers and countless other tap luminaries and who has been teaching across the United States and internationally for 30 years!

Steve Zee is the man behind Tap Academy Online. For 3 decades, Steve has been teaching Broadway dancers, serious rhythm tap dancers, tap dance teachers, dance studio owners, celebrities and people who just love to tap dance. He teaches kids, teens, adults, seniors, university students, professionals and amateurs. He teaches on four continents and now online!

Benefit from Steve’s years of experience – sign up and get dancing today!

“Steve Zee is a teacher’s teacher. His delivery of words and insight for tap technique, musicality & history manifest in one’s entire body to create the ultimate tap dancer. I have personally gained much knowledge and understanding of the art of teaching from Steve. I’ve shared many of his ideas as they are timeless and essential. He’s one of the world’s greatest teachers and....who doesn’t love a little comedy in tap class? Anyone who has the privilege to take classes from Steve will benefit tremendously. One stop shop.”

– Sarah Reich Tap dance artist, performer, composer, choreographer, Artistic Director, Tap Music Project, Tap star of world famous Postmodern Jukebox.

“I am really enjoying Steve’s teaching. I am turning around my own technique using what he’s taught and that has been fantastic. I haven’t been exposed to teaching that focused on proper technique out here in Australia so I’m finding it very helpful. And, it’s definitely stuff I can use now with my own students.” ”

– Caroline Australia

“Love Tap Academy! I use it for my students and was able to successfully teach them slides earlier this week.”

– Christian California

“I absolutely love this Academy! I recently lost my mentor to the Marines and Steve has been filling that void. There aren’t many teachers around me, so I don’t know what I would do without this. I love the content and feel there’s a lot of variety. The improv lessons have been especially valuable, and I enjoy the super extra fun section. I love that the videos are short and I can sit down and do as much or as little as I want in a day. It’s less daunting to sit down and do a 3 minute lesson than a 30 minute class.”

– Kristen Colorado

“I signed up a couple of months back and it is good stuff! I use it as a supplement to what I’m doing in my classes.”

– Mark Canada